You are not alone in what you are struggling with. Many people have similar struggles. The important thing to know is that your tomorrows can be different than your yesterday. Please keep in mind that all counselling is private and confidential.

In addition to individual counselling, Interfaith also offers evening workshops and support groups. Please note that all active workshops and groups will be posted on our News & Events page, but  you are still welcome to talk to our Admin team about specific groups you would like to be notified of when they become available again. 

If interested in any of these programs, please call Interfaith at 519 662-3092 for details.

Couples counselling can be an effective strategy for couples to work on conflict resolution, or to strengthen your partnership overall.   Most commonly, couples work on areas of problem solving, open communication or preperation for major life changes. This type of counselling is suitable for couples of all marital statuses. 

Your child is given counselling using play. Play therapy uses the natural medium of play including puppets, games, etc. to address emotional needs. The child can be seen alone or with the parent. Ages can be as young as three. The parent is always involved at some level.

This is for adult individuals involved with Aldaview Services, for individuals identified as developmentally challenged. The approach to counselling is adapted to their developmental needs. This program is subsidized by the Counselling Collaborative Program. See process page for details.

Through partnership with the Family Resource Centre, individuals whom have been exposed to violence in the home and are requesting to receive counselling support at ICC can apply for a subsidy through the Family Violence Prevention Program. Click here for more details.

Support group for families facing a transition in their family due to separation and divorce. Parent education and support provided parallel to group and individual counselling support for children. Offered in partnership with the local elementary schools.

ICC offers individual counselling as well as group support for those impacted by loss of a loved one through suicide. Participants in a group join with others to validate feelings of grief and loss and eventually find a path to healing and growth. Counselling is available for individuals who have suicidal thoughts or who have attempted suicide. ICC has partnered with the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Counselling to provide a monthly support group, Side By Side for families bereaved by Suicide.

Although evening groups in the community can be offered based on request/need, these group programs are largely school based. School based groups do not involve the parent other than on a consultative basis. The parent signs a consent for participation and referrals to the group are based on consultation with parents and school personnel. These groups currently include:

  • Girl Power: Through education, discussion and group support, preteen girls will develop self-confidence and a positive self-image. Girls will learn to resist the glamorous images in the media that link self-worth to beauty & thinness. Girls will learn to cope with stress, anxiety, bullying & teasing and make healthy life-style choices. Offered in partnership with the local elementary schools.
  • Boys R Us: This is a fun, action based group exclusively for pre-adolescent boys grades 6-8. Positive male leadership assists the boys in developing a healthy male identity based on strong character, healthy competitiveness, assertive communication and self confidence. Opportunities for group leadership and open honest discussion will reinforce competence and social acceptance. Offered in partnership with the local elementary schools.

Parent coaching is a service that can help you:

  • choose parenting strategies that work for your family,
  • discuss techniques to create harmony and co-operation in your home,
  • encourage self-esteem in your child,
  • problem solve how to handle different parenting styles as a couple,
  • learn about what behavior is appropriate for your child’s development,
  • self-care for parents,
  • and design your parenting vision.

ICC offers individualized trauma counselling using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

Now offering a SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM. This skill based program that focuses on learning more about your smoking habits, developing new skills to help change the thoughts and actions that keep you smoking, homework assignments to help you practice the skills in between sessions and learning other relaxation techniques.

Delivering counselling services electronically is becoming increasingly popular and we are excited to be at the forefront of this practice.

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